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Beth Israel New York's Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine welcome you to our Critical Care Ultrasonography Forum - a free, educational website devoted to building the knowledge base of practitioners in the field of clinician-performed General Critical Care Ultrasonography (GCCUS). On these pages you will find:

  • "Tutorials" - video clips and images illustrating equipment use, scanning technique, and discussion of the major ultrasound findings and measures that comprise General Critical Care Ultrasonography.
  • "Image Library" - clip gallery of normal and abnormal findings in critically ill patients accompanied by expert interpretations.
  • "Interpretation Practice Clips" - largest on-line collection of critical care ultrasound clips in the world - visitors should review and interpret the clips - then click to reveal and compare with "expert" interpretation.
  • "On-Site, Hands-On Training Courses" - our National ACCP Course Faculty Members offer a private 1-2 day curriculum of lectures and hands-on training in General Critical Care Ultrasonography.

Our intent is that this website remain free, educational, and collaborative - we welcome all interested visitors to help build the forum by submitting their select images and cases.

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