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Point of Care Ultrasound Book

New Publication from our Group!


With portable, hand-carried ultrasound devices being used by ever increasing numbers of physicians and other health care providers, Point-of-Care Ultrasound is the high yield, high impact, focused text that will guide the modern practitioner of medicine. First text that covers all applications of Point of Care Ultrasound Relevant to all levels of providers, from in-depth critical care and emergency medicine applications to lymph node biopsies, musculoskeletal, vascular, abdominal, and genitourinary exams

   • Numerous (>200) videos and images of normal and abnormal findings, supported with detailed, colorful anatomical drawings

   • Real-world case examples using dynamic clips in all chapters

   • Purchase of the book Includes:

         › Paper copy

         › Mobile access via Inkling to iPad, iPhone, Android with >250

         › Online access via Expert Consult with >250 videos

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Read an Early Review from Amazon:

A fantastic, comprehensive resource for point-of-care ultrasound!
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
Aug. 27 2014 By Philip Jones
Amazon Verified Purchase

"Drs Soni, Arntfield, and Kory have done their physician colleagues and other healthcare providers a huge favour in writing this excellent book. Previous books on point-of-care ultrasound have largely been limited to one (or two) organ systems ? commonly cardiac ultrasound. However, many physicians need a reference which can guide their therapy in more than one organ system. In my work as a cardiac anesthesiologist and cardiac intensivist, for instance, I need a reference not only for (non-TEE) cardiac ultrasound, but also for the lungs, the vascular system, and potentially the abdomen and soft tissues. In this superbly- written book, the authors have written the first easy-to-digest comprehensive point-of-care ultrasound text.

The authors are all physicians who are experienced ultrasonographers with formal training, and it shows. The chapters are easy-to-read, interesting, well-written in clear prose, and, importantly, the text contains many useful figures to visually describe what the authors are stating. More importantly, however (given the fact that ultrasound is largely an imaging modality that incorporates movement), is that there is a huge number of videos accompanying the text. The mechanism to view the videos is either via the Expert Consult website, or the high quality app "inkling" which will play the videos natively on a tablet. The Expert Consult access is included in the purchase price of the book. The layout of the inkling edition on my iPad is wonderful, and the Kindle edition is also very good (hint: use a smaller font size on the Kindle to enjoy a better layout).

This book is suitable for novices as well as for experienced hands (as a great reference).

Just have a look at the depth of the Table of Contents to see how all- encompassing this text is. If your clinical work involves point-of-care ultrasonography of any type, you will not be disappointed with this fantastic book.

Highly recommended.

On these pages you will find:

  • "Tutorials" - video clips and images illustrating equipment use, scanning technique, and discussion of the major ultrasound findings and measures that comprise General Critical Care Ultrasonography.
  • "Image Library" - clip gallery of normal and abnormal findings in critically ill patients accompanied by expert interpretations.
  • "Interpretation Practice Clips" - largest on-line collection of critical care ultrasound clips in the world - visitors should review and interpret the clips - then click to reveal and compare with "expert" interpretation.
  • "On-Site, Hands-On Training Courses" - our National ACCP Course Faculty Members offer a private 1-2 day curriculum of lectures and hands-on training in General Critical Care Ultrasonography.

Our intent is that this website remain free, educational, and collaborative - we welcome all interested visitors to help build the forum by submitting their select images and cases.

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