Ultrasound Tutorials

Principles of Ultrasound and Equipment Use (Coming Soon!)

Introduction to the physics and tissue interactions of ultrasound waves, principles of image creation, machine controls, probe selection, and scanning techniques.

Basic Critical Care Echocardiography

Overview of the 5 main topic areas comprising Basic Critical Care Echocardiography (BCCE).

Lung and Pleural Ultrasonography

Up-to-date review of the lung ultrasound "signatures" and their clinical correlates, pleural effusions, and ultrasound guided pleural procedures.

Abdominal Ultrasonography (Coming Soon!)

Overview of genitourinary and gastrointestinal ultrasound findings of clinical significance in the critically ill.

Vascular Ultrasonography - (Coming Soon!)

Explores both venous diagnostic and vascular access ultrasonography. Detailed description of a lower extremity, deep-venous ultrasound exam protocol.